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Mail-In Repair Service

About Mail-In

If you cannot visit our Indianapolis store, the mail-in repair service is a great option. You can send it in and we will do a FREE diagnostics service to evaluate your device prior to starting any repairs. Once we determine the issue, we will contact you with pricing and to get an approval to proceed. Once we get your approval, most repairs will be performed on the same day.

Shipping Info

You can choose which shipping carrier to use, but you MUST provide us with a tracking number so we know where your device is at all times. Please use the following address: UZOOX XYZ Road Indianapolis, IN 46250 Your device will be returned using UPS ground unless a faster shipping option is needed.

Secure Info

Please back up all of your data prior to shipping your device. Most repairs do not cause data loss, but certain situations may require a restore.


We will contact you once the repair service has been performed. Your payment will be taken by credit card over the phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.
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