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Extended warranties and insurance for cell phones — are they worth it?

As cell phones become more advanced, so does the price tag. With such a big purchase, you may be torn about whether or not to invest in an extended warranty to protect against mishaps. Before deciding what’s right for you, carefully consider the following information.

What is a cell phone warranty, and how do they differ from an insurance plan?

Cell phone manufacturers offer an initial warranty — usually for one to two years — with the clock starting at the time of purchase. However, manufacturer-provided warranties only protect against problems caused by the manufacturer. They do NOT cover accidents, or loss or theft, but may cover some software issues. An extended warranty — which is purchased in addition to your cell phone — usually covers an additional one to two years but doesn’t safeguard against anything beyond the original warranty. If you get your phone wet, the warranty is voided. Insurance plans from cell phone carriers cost between $7 and $11 a month, and typically cover all repairs due to clumsiness, and other misfortunes — such as a dip in the toilet.

Questions to ask regarding an extended warranty or insurance plan for your cell phone

First, find out the true cost of the plan. There’s typically a high deductible plus a monthly service fee. Over time, that can add up to the original cost of the phone. There are also limits to how often you can replace your smartphone or tablet. Most only allow up to two replacements per 12 months. So if you are prone to breaking your phone, it may be an issue.

If you’re seriously considering an extended warranty or insurance plan, always read the fine print. Don’t hesitate to search online for reviews. They will give you a good indication if the plan is worthwhile. A big drawback to purchasing cell phone insurance, is that even if your old device is beyond repair — you will not receive a new phone if your claim is approved. Instead, you’ll be sent a refurbished, pre-owned device that may not even be the same model as your previous phone.

Alternatives to extended warranty or insurance plan for your cell phone

To prevent damage, start off with the cheaper ways of protecting your investment. Cell phone cases are an inexpensive option. Get a durable, waterproof case — especially if you are an accident-prone individual. If you tend to misplace your cell phone, consider using tracking apps can help you find a misplaced, or stolen, cell phone. Also, if you purchased your cell phone using a credit card, check with the credit card company, as many include coverage beyond the original warranty for all electronics purchased with the card.

Even with the high price of cell phones, the subsequent cost of additional protection is probably not worth it for most cell phone users. If you can’t use your cell phone any longer due to an accident — it could be more cost effective to take it to one of the expert techs at UZOOX Repair in Indianapolis for a FREE diagnostic service. We will get your phone back in tip-top shape without a high premium.


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