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Cell Phone Repair Myths Busted

The world of cell phone repair is often shrouded in myth and misinformation. To set the record straight, UZOOX Indianapolis cell phone repair center, addresses the 7 most common cell phone repair myths.


MYTH 1: Placing your water-logged cell phone into a bowl or bag of uncooked rice repairs, or even reverses, the damage.

BUSTED! While rice can soak up the excess liquid around your cell phone, it simply cannot leach the liquid out of the phone or speed up the drying process. In fact, the rice can cause further damage as rice contains simple starches and sugars that can leave a residue. Once liquid has entered the handset, the only way to dry it out and determine the scope of damage is to open it up. At UZOOX, we use special equipment and chemicals to carefully clean the cell phone’s motherboard and other parts to avoid corrosion, and to test the phone to ensure it’s working properly.


MYTH 2: Once a cell phone is wet, there is no chance that it can be repaired.

BUSTED! If a cell phone has gotten wet, there is a 50/50 chance that the phone can be restored. Many people erroneously believe that once liquid has been introduced to the phone, it’s a hopeless case. If your cell phone has been compromised by liquid, avoid plugging it in — as the water can act as a conductor carrying the electric current through the cell phone and fry the main board — and bring it into the repair shop to see if it can be saved.


MYTH 3: Work by a third-party repair shop void cell phone carrier warranties.

BUSTED! Carrier warranties are put in place to cover manufacturer defects — not normal wear-and-tear or accidents. If your cell phone finds its’ way into a toilet bowl, or beneath the tire of a car, your best bet is to bring your phone into a repair shop like UZOOX. It’s often far less expensive than replacing the cell phone, and we offer lifetime guarantees on all our repairs (excluding water damage).


MYTH 4: Cell phones with Gorilla Glass screens cannot be broken.

BUSTED! (Literally.) Gorilla Glass has been touted as a vastly superior, more flexible and virtually unbreakable material. But the truth remains: it’s still glass, and glass is fragile. Glass is used on touch-screen cell phones because of it’s response to body heat and slick surface area. While glass is the ideal cell phone screen material for many reasons, it is no match for a concrete floor. Despite the name, Gorilla Glass is still liable to break, smash, and crack.


MYTH 5: Cracked cell phone screens only affect the aesthetics of the cell phone.

BUSTED! A busted screen not only looks bad; it can be downright dangerous. Putting shattered glass shards against your face is not recommended. Broken screens can also lead to several other issues such as backlight malfunctions, dead spots, dark spots and discoloration. If you find yourself with a cracked screen, get it repaired immediately to ensure your phone works properly.


MYTH 6: Once broken, your cell phone will never be the same.

BUSTED! If your cell phone has been repaired by a professional cell phone repair company, such as UZOOX, it will work just like new. Our expert techs are trained on all types of smartphone repair. We stand behind our work and guarantee it to be free from defects.


MYTH 7: Cell phone repairs are expensive and time-consuming.

BUSTED! No one wants to deal with the extra cost and hassle of a broken cell phone. We get it. We strive to provide our customers with affordable pricing. As a result, our repair solutions are less expensive than purchasing a new device and often less than paying the high deductible on your insurance policy. Our goal is to provide fast and convenient repair service. In fact, many repairs can be performed on the same day — under an hour with no appointment needed.


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