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Why Should Your Recycle Your Phone?

What do you do with your mobile device? Odds are you toss, keep in a drawer or sell it back. Recently, companies like AT&T and Verizon are allowing you to trade in your old device when you upgrade for a credit. But, why is this becoming so important? What is the benefit of recycling your old cell phone?

Cell Phone Recycling

Every mobile phone contains a bunch of different precious metals that can be used for multitude of different things. The biggest benefit of the recycle program is to give the opportunity for companies to reclaim devices that have had issues and correct them. These mobile devices become refurbished and are sold at a discount to customers who are in need of a device but cannot afford to shell out cash for a new one. When you device starts showing negative signs of functionality or wear-and-tear, you should consult your local cell phone repair company. They will be able to provide you with solutions and ultimately, the best advice for fixing or recycling your cell phone. Think of it like a cellphone donor plan. Each and every device can stand to save the life of a new one.

Be Eco-Friendly with your mobile phone

We all know that the environment is a big issue today. Every person can do a lot to reduce their carbon footprint. Recycling your cell phone allows companies to reuse parts and keep the landfills free of slowly biodegrading materials. A lot of old phones become repurposed and can be used in the manufacturing of garden furniture, jewelry, automotive parts, new electronics, or assist in the development of new mobile phones. This will ensure the slowly biodegradable plastics and metals will go to good use instead of spending years buried in the ground.

The other big potential of risk resides in cell phone batteries. Some devices still allow you to remove the back door and replace the battery with a new store-bought cell phone battery. What happens when you throw that battery in the garbage? It ends up in a landfill that sits for ages and allows the chemicals to saturate the soils. The biggest risk is the battery that makes its way into the earth. A single cell phone battery can contain hazardous materials that can cause harmful impact when mishandled. Certainly, companies have been taking steps to ensure safe products, but there are some issues that cannot be avoided. Some chemicals contained in older devices include lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium. Now, imagine that these chemicals made their way into the soil and eventually into the water supply. That is simply no good. Be sure you are mindful when recycling your old cell phone.

Where to recycle old cell phones?

You can find a place to recycle old cell phones just about anywhere. If you do not want to worry about the headaches of resetting your cell phone, packaging and shipping the device, find a local cell phone repair shop like UZOOX Cell Phone Repair in Indianapolis Indiana and let them handle it for you.


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