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Repair or replace?

When it comes to the big decision of whether to repair or replace your phone, it is important to know the differences between the two. With the advances in technology come the rise of technicians that are able to repair and replace old parts to help keep you connect to your friends, family, and colleagues. Let’s look at a few factors in determining the route you should take.


The major factor to look into is the overall cost or repairing your cell phone or replacing it. Sure it can be nice to adopt the latest iPhone or Samsung device, but at what cost. Programs like Verizon Edge or AT&T Next offer some ease-of-mind in knowing your can upgrade in shorter intervals. However, if you are not a subscriber to the installment plan model your upfront cost will be astronomical compared to the cost of repairing a device. With some cell phone devices starting in the upper $400 range and exceeding $700, you can expect the cost to outweigh the benefit of having a newer device versus repairing your current model.


Depending on how much of a role your mobile device plays in your daily life can determine the path you travel. For the professionals who rely on their phone to provide high levels of connectivity, they need a fast turnaround time. UZOOX Cell Phone Repair has the capability to complete device repairs with same day satisfaction (depending on level of damage). With the capabilities in today’s repair market, majority of cell phone can be repaired before even considering a new replacement.


If your cell phone has been dropped from a two story building during a rainstorm while a one-ton truck drives by running over the device, you might just have bad luck and odds are UZOOX Cell Phone Repair cannot help you. However, should your phone suffer a cracked screen, headphone jack issue, or any scenario that does not include your phone in unrecognizable pieces, it is worth bringing it to shops like UZOOX Cell Phone Repair to find out if you can save your wallet the hurt. While there are circumstances where your cell phone cannot be repair, you’d be surprised at what cell phone repair providers can do.


In the end knowledge will conquer all. Most consumers are not informed on the different capabilities that cell phone repair providers, such as UZOOX Cell Phone Repair can provide or have stigma about repaired or refurbished devices. Look for a shop that offers free diagnostics for all customers to not only educate, but inform you and seek out warrantied services. This should help ease your mind when choosing to repair your cell phone before heading to Best Buy Mobile or other providers to eat the cost of a new device.


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