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How to Save Your Water Damaged Cell Phone

A water damaged cell phone: as much as we hate to admit it, we’ve all had our fair share of water damaged cell phone experiences. But what many don’t know is how your actions following the water damage can directly impact your cell phone’s chances of survival. Below we’ve listed the proper actions you should take in order to save a water-damaged cell phone.

Immediately remove your phone out of the water.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the faster you remove your cell phone out of water, the higher its chances of being revived.

Refrain from pushing any buttons.

Pressing buttons can let even more moisture into your phone, increasing your chances of irreversible damage.

Dry off the surface of your cell phone.

Using paper towels or a hand towel, dry off the outside of your water-damaged cell phone as thoroughly as possible. This makes it easier to use your phone and prevents further damage from occurring.

Take out all removable internal parts.

After drying off your water-damaged cell phone, take out all the removable parts from your waterlogged cell phone. This includes your battery, SIM card, and your MicroSD card if your cell phone has one. This protects the most important parts of your cell phone and allows your water-damaged cell phone to dry much faster and more thoroughly. Also, in case your phone doesn’t survive the fall, this preserves any valuable information you might have stored in your phone.

Shake gently.

Shake your water-damaged cell phone to release any leftover water hiding in the crevices of your cell phone. Do so very gently as to not cause further damage to your cell phone

Rice it up.

The drying process requires one more step: sticking your water-damaged cell phone in rice. You can also use a Bheestie Bag, a small bag of tiny balls made of a foil-like element crafted to capture moisture, specifically from drenched electronics. Immerse your water-damaged cell phone into a bag of rice and wait until it appears to have dried completely and hopefully shows signs of life. Be sure to give your cell phone enough time for the water to drain. The recommended timeframe spans from 24 to 72 hours.

Final results.

Next comes the moment you’ve been waiting for, the revelation. Take your water-damaged cell phone out of the bag of rice and after wiping it down, put it back together and attempt to power it up. Hopefully, you receive good news. If you do not, ensure that the internal contents of your cell phone, like your sim card or battery still work by placing them into another phone with a similar style.

For future reference.

If you think this incident may happen again, plan accordingly and get the proper protection for your cell phone. Consider getting a protection plan that will provide you with the proper options for a water-damaged cell phone, including cell phone repair or replacement services. Also, don’t overlook getting a waterproof case for your cell phone, or a water-resistant cell phone entirely. In the unfortunate case that your water damaged cell phone is not functioning, give us a call at Uzoox Cell Phone Repair in Indianapolis, IN at (317)863-8425.
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